What are my payment options?

Currently we accept payment through Paypal. After completing
your order, you will be forwarded to the PayPal page. Further
payments options will follow in the near future.



Can I order by phone?

Orders are only accepted taken through our shop. In the case of
larger purchase quantities you can contact us by E-mail and we will
give you feedback as soon as possible.



Can I pay with check or invoice?

Unfortunately this is not possible. If your order exceed a value of
EUR 1000, please contact our customer service.



Why has my payment failed?

Payments may fail for the most different reasons. First make sure
that we accept your payment method.Then check that all details are
correct. The delivery address must be in Germany. If the payment
still fails, please contact your bank. If an error message will appear
contact us sales@loomalights.de



My coupon code does not work.

The letters of the coupon codes are always in capital letters. Make
sure you enter everything correctly.

How fast is delivery?

The general delivery time of our products is between two and five days. Since every one of our lamps is individually assembled and packaged for you, delivery times of up to 10 days can occur in exceptional cases.



Can I track the order?

Yes, when you buy one of our lights, we will send you a tracking number.



I which countries do you supply?

We deliver worldwide to all countries.



Can delivery be accelerated?

In very urgent cases, you can contact our customer service and we will see how we can speed up shipping. Just contact us: sales@loomalights.de



Do you have a showroom where I can watch the products?

A showroom in Germany is planned. You will certainly find it here or through our social networks.



Can the lights be picked up?

The collection or payment on the spot is currently not planned. But you can safely and quickly order the lamps in our shop and have them delivered to your home.

Here we still collect your Questions!

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